13 Jul 2016

Why Mega Hosting Spot?

The selection of Web Hosting partner is not an easy task for operational manager. As its very risky to choose a wrong hosting company which may loose your data and domain. Domain name performs as a visiting card for your company or introduction of a person/celebrity incase of personal website.

Mega Hosting Spot distinct itself from other web hosting companies in Pakistan due to below-mentioned features:


Mega Hosting Spot is registered with SECP(Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan) and in the plan to register itself with top three chambers of Pakistan including Islamabad Chamber of Commerce, Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Federal Chamber of Commerce.


Our rate is economical as compared to other web hosting companies in Pakistan. Our web hosting packages just start from $10 which is lowest in terms of quality we’re offering to our valuable customers.

High Quality Service

Our uptime is 99.999% which is highest among all other companies operating in Pakistan. We secured our servers with multiple layers of firewall. Our customers experience fastest shared hosting experience. Our all servers are located in North America and Europe. We also provide backup facility to all of our customers. With the advancement of technology, Mega Hosting Spot make sure the availability of add-ons as per the requirements of the customers.

Friendly Customer Support

Our premium customer support never feels you down. We’re the first company in Pakistan which provides you with the customer support via Skype & Teamviewer.


Mega Hosting team consists of responsible team members. We’re registered with FBR and having an NTN (National Tax Number). Many Government and Corporate websites are running on our servers which proved the responsible behaviour of Mega Hosting Spot.

Authentic & Durable

Mega Hosting Spot is authorised reseller of PKNIC and ICANN. In future, Mega Hosting Spot planned to open services centre across the globe.

Mega Hosting Spot suggests you keep in mind above discussed features while selecting a web hosting partner for your company.

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04 Jul 2016

PKNIC Prepaid Reseller Cards

Are you searching for PKNIC reseller cards. Mega Hosting Spot a reliable hosting company based in Islamabad provide you at economical rates. Here is the list of rate of PKNIC Cards:

Cards Rate (PKR)
1 2500
2 4400
5 10000
10 19000
20 36000

What is PKNIC Reseller Cards?

PKNIC provide 10 digit card # to renew or register Local Pakistani Domains. Even you register with any reseller, you may renew domain through this feature.

Caution: Don’t forget to take four digit Pin code along Coupon #.

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01 Jul 2016

Upcoming Features on PKNIC

PKNIC is an organisation having authority to register country level domain names. Till 2015, PKNIC register 56,000+ domain names. PKNIC offered following domain names:

  • .pk
  • .com.pk
  • .net.pk
  • .org.pk
  • .webs.pk
  • .edu.pk
  • .gov.pk

For .edu.pk domain your institute must have registration with Government of Pakistan.

Following featuers are under pipeline in PKNIC.

  • As all TLD’s offer one-year domain name registration. Therefore, PKNIC is also working to register and renew the domain for a year.
  • According to PKNIC officials, value added services especially web hosting service is demanded from a long time under the umbrella of PKNIC. Hence, the management decided to offer this solution in upcoming days.
  • Domain Push via EPP is available in almost every domain. Currently, domain push is the very hectic task as it required an affidavit and it takes too much time. So, PKNIC also put EPP in their future roadmap.

We as a user of PKNIC are optimistic about the integration of above-mentioned features in PKNIC portal.

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17 Jun 2016

An Introduction to Mega Hosting Spot

In 2008, When I started a small web designing and development company. I experienced too many WEB hosting partner’s especially local and international as well but I never feel personally ok with any of them. There are some reasons which I would like to unveil with you.

Let’s first take international companies. Why they were unable to fulfil my expectations. First reason is the difference in time. As we follow GMT+5 and mostly when I awoke and need support they were closed the office. Secondly, some companies do not provide Telephonic support. As it’s sometimes very difficult to get the prompt response on Email. In my opinion, a telephonic conversation can fix problems more conveniently as compared to the Email conversation. Lastly, they never entertain you to guide tools embedded in the hosting account. Most of the cases, they created a knowledge-based forum, from where you can get the answer to your problem which creates ambiguity.

On another side, if I talk about local companies, all three major companies management is very poor in skills to manage servers. Most of the time, their servers were hacked and down. Which adversely affect your business.

Due to these facts, I decided to start a new venture, where I can assist users in a better way. Therefore, I commenced this hosting business with one of the emerging IT company to get their expertise as well.

On 1st January 2014, we started our journey and today we have a big market share into the market and our clientele is increasing with the passage of time.

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