17 Jun

An Introduction to Mega Hosting Spot

In 2008, When I started a small web designing and development company. I experienced too many WEB hosting partner’s especially local and international as well but I never feel personally ok with any of them. There are some reasons which I would like to unveil with you.

Let’s first take international companies. Why they were unable to fulfil my expectations. First reason is the difference in time. As we follow GMT+5 and mostly when I awoke and need support they were closed the office. Secondly, some companies do not provide Telephonic support. As it’s sometimes very difficult to get the prompt response on Email. In my opinion, a telephonic conversation can fix problems more conveniently as compared to the Email conversation. Lastly, they never entertain you to guide tools embedded in the hosting account. Most of the cases, they created a knowledge-based forum, from where you can get the answer to your problem which creates ambiguity.

On another side, if I talk about local companies, all three major companies management is very poor in skills to manage servers. Most of the time, their servers were hacked and down. Which adversely affect your business.

Due to these facts, I decided to start a new venture, where I can assist users in a better way. Therefore, I commenced this hosting business with one of the emerging IT company to get their expertise as well.

On 1st January 2014, we started our journey and today we have a big market share into the market and our clientele is increasing with the passage of time.

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